Mitsubishi servo system - advanced and flexible.

Mitsubishi servo offers a variety of motors (rotary, linear and direct drive motors) in order to achieve the best machine performance.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of Servo and Motion system products providing solutions for applications as simple as a single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchronised 192 axis systems.

With both standard pulse type output modules and SSCNET bus modules, specific application needs are easy to meet.

Our MR-J4 Series of Servo motors and amplifiers take Mitsubishi Motion Control to new levels of precision with a wide range of motors (all fitted with a standard 4.194.304 absolute encoder) and a wide amplifier range (up to 110kW).

All Mitsubishi Servo and Motion system hardware is complemented by a range of software packages allowing easy programming and set-up of the units.

More Information

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Presentation of a demonstration set
  • FX5 project creation in GX Works3
  • FX5 module configuration
  • Simple Motion axis configuration
  • Emergency signals configuration
  • FX5 memory format and parameter writing
  • Configured demonstration set view
  • Servo display status description


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